Sunday, May 19 – University Main Building
19:00 - 21:00 Registration 
Welcome Reception 
Day 1- Palazzo Paolo V
8:20 - 18:00 Registration
8:40 - 9:00 Opening Session
Day 1, Morning - Palazzo Paolo V
 9:00 - 12:00
Satellite Missions (I) Chairs: Christopher Ruf, Jens Wickert
09:00 NASA CYGNSS Science Data Characterization and Applications Chris Ruf
09:20 Towards a GNSS Reflectometry Service from UK TDS-1 Satellite Martin Unwin
09:40 Design and Planning for the First Spire GNSS-R Missions of 2019 Dallas Masters
10:00 The Flexible Microwave Payload-1: a combined GNSS-Reflectometer and L-band Radiometer for the Cat-4 Cubesat Mission Lara Fernandez Capon
10:20 - 10:40 Coffee Break
Satellite Missions (II) Chairs: Adriano Camps, Manuel Martin-Neira
10:40 The Flexible Microwave Payload-2: A SDR-based GNSS-R instrument for CubeSats Joan Francesc Muñoz Martin
11:00 PRETTY: Cubesat for precise altimetry using navigation satellites Jens Wickert
11:20 SigNals Of Opportunity P-band Investigation (SNOOPI): In-Space Validation of Reflectometry from 240-380 MHz Jim Garrison
11:40 Kepler observing Earth - A reflectometry concept for ocean altimetry Maximilian Semmling
12:00 - 13:20 Lunch + Modeling Technical Committee and IAG Sub-Commission 4.6 "GNSS-R"
Day 1, Afternoon - Palazzo Paolo V
13:20 - 18:30
  Calibration and Validation Chairs: Scott Gleason, Martin Unwin  
13:20 Characterization of GPS EIRP and CYGNSS Ocean Level 1 Calibration Update  Scott Gleason
13:40 Assessing the impact of the GPS Flex Power mode on CYGNSS Normalized Bi-Static Radar Cross Section Jeonghwan Park
14:00 Effects of specular point inaccuracies on delay-Doppler maps shape over ocean Giuseppe Grieco
14:20 Deployment of a Ground-Based Beacon System for On-Orbit Calibration of the CYGNSS Satellites Andrew O’Brien
14:40 Validation of the NOC C-BRE v1.0 GNSS-R wind speed retrieval algorithm Matthew Hammond
15:00 - 15:20 Coffee Break
Modeling Chairs: Joel Johnson, Valery Zavorotny
15:20 Simulations of spaceborne GNSS-R signal over land Nazzareno Pierdicca
15:40 On the Nature of GNSS-R Land Surface Specular Scattering Joel Johnson
16:00 Electromagnetic Scattering Model for GNSS-R Land Applications Including Effects of Multiple Elevations in Random Rough Surfaces Leung Tsang
16:20 Bistatic scattering from sea surfaces at non-near-specular direction via the Polarimetric Two-Scale Model for maritime surveillance with GNSS-R Antonio Iodice
16:40 Spatial Coherence of GNSS-R Signals: A Numerical Investigation Davide Comite
 17:00 - 18:30 Poster & InLabs 
Day 2, Morning - Palazzo Paolo V
8:40 - 12:20
Ocean Chairs: James Garrison, Christine Gommenginger
08:40 Approaches of incorporating wave model information into CYGNSS wind speed retrieval Valery Zavorotny
09:00 First Look at NOAA CyGNSS winds in the Tropical Cyclone Environment Faozi Said
09:20 Retrieval of Mean Square Slopes from CYGNSS Data Maria Paola Clarizia
09:40 Detection of Convective Activity using CYGNSS Wind Speed Measurements Alexandra Bringer
10:00 Wind Speed estimation from CYGNSS using Artificial Neural Networks Jennifer Reynolds
10:20 - 10:40 Coffee Break
Sea Surface Altimetry Chairs: Weiqiang Li, Robert S. Nerem
10:40 Spaceborne Carrier Phase Altimetry Using GNSS Reflected Signals At Grazing Angles Of Observation Over Open Sea Water Estel Cardellach
11:00 Improved Ocean Altimetry Methods with CYGNSS Observations in Indonesia Andrew O’Brien
11:20 Towards precise synoptic altimetry by means of GNSS-R Fran Fabra
11:40 Assessment of a CYGNSS Ocean Altimetry Product Using a Full DDM Approach Eric Loria
12:00 An overview of tropospheric delays in ground-based GNSS reflectometry Thalia Nikolaidou
12:20 Multidoppler GNSS-R ocean altimetry with TDS-1 Manuel Martin-Neira
 12:40 - 14:00 Lunch + GRSS IFT-Technical Committe, GRSS
Day 2, Afternoon - Palazzo Paolo V
14:00 - 17:30
Land (I) Chairs: Andrew O'Brien, Rashmi Shah
14:00 Retrieval of Soil Moisture and Forest Biomass using CYGNSS Data and Artificial Neural Networks Emanuele Santi
14:20 How much closer can GNSS-R hydrology retrievals from CYGNSS get us to "the truth"? Clara Chew
14:40 Dependence of CYGNSS Reflectivity on Vegetation Water Content and Surface Roughness Rashmi Shah
15:00 Examination of GNSS-R phase measurements over wetlands using CYGNSS Eric Loria
15:20 - 15:40 Coffee Break
Land (II) Chairs: Clara Chew, Felipe G. Nievinski
15:40 Sensitivity of CyGNSS to Above Ground Biomass and Canopy Height over Tropical Forests Hugo Carreno-Luengo
16:00 GNSS derived soil moisture from the global IGS permanent network Nikolaos Antonoglou
16:20 GNSS reflectometry for the retrieval of forest biomass Emanuele Santi
16:40 - 17:30 Poster & InLabs
18:30 - 23:00 Evening Dinner
Day 3, Morning - Palazzo Paolo V
8:40 - 12:40
Signal Processing Chairs: Maria Paola Clarizia, Fran Fabra
08:40 An Outlier Detection Approach for GNSS-SNR Analysis  Tomke Lambertus
09:00 Cycle Ambiguity Resolution in GNSS-R Carrier Phase Altimetry Manuel Martin-Neira
09:20 Super Resolution in GNSS coherent scattering Maurizio di Bisceglie
09:40 Likelihood Map Waveform Tracking Performance for GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Santiago Ozafrain
10:00 Passive radar enabled by GNSS signals of opportunity for maritime surveillance applications Debora Pastina
10:20 Blind Sea Clutter Suppression for Spaceborne GNSS-R Target Detection Joon Wayn Cheong
10:40 - 11:00 Coffee Break
Cryosphere Chairs: Estel Cardellach, Jessica Cartwright
11:00 First Results of Grazing Angle Reflections from Sea Ice and Ocean Surfaces Collected by the Spire Cubesat Constellation Dallas Masters
11:20 Sea-ice transition detection using incoherent integration and deconvolution Benjamin Southwell
11:40 Estimation of Soil Moisture and Sea Ice Concentration: A GNSS Reflectometry Concept Maximilian Semmling
12:00 Experimental Results of Snow and Soil Moisture Measurement using P-Band Signals of Opportunity Rashmi Shah
12:20 - 13:30 Lunch
Day 3, Afternoon - Palazzo Paolo V
13:30 - 16:30
Data Assimilation Chairs: Giuseppe Grieco, Maximilian Semmling
13:30 Assimilation of CYGNSS Delay-Doppler Maps by a Two-Dimensional Variational Analysis Method Feixiong Huang
13:50 Forecast Impact Experiments To Optimize Utilization of CYGNSS Wind Observations of Tropical Cyclone Michael (2018) Using the Operational HWRF Bachir Annane
14:10 Global Assessments of CYGNSS Data Impacts on Weather Forecasting and Ocean Surface Wind Analyses Mark Leidner
 14:40 - 16:20 Discussion Panel: Meeting Science Requirements
14:35 Introductory notes Estel Cardellach
14:40 Keynote speakers John Eyre – UK Met Office
15:00   Dallas Masters – SPIRE Global
15:20 Round Table Manuel Martin-Neira – ESA Estec, Christopher Ruf University of Michigan, Bachir Annane – NOAA, John Eyre – UK Met Office, Dallas Masters – SPIRE Global
16:20 - 16:30 - Closing
16:50 - 18:15 Bus to Napoli
Day 1 - 17:00-18:30
Day 2 - 16:40-17:30
P1 - Ocean     
A Forward Modelling Approach to Improve Storm Feature Characterization Using Spaceborne GNSS-R Systems Mohammad Al-Khaldi
Ocean Wind speed retrieval from Spaceborne GNSS-R technique by TDS-1 DDM Yanling Chen
Motivation for dense coastal ground-based GNSS-R networks Joakim Strandberg
Sensitivity of GNSS-R delay-Doppler maps to wind direction with a deconvolution approach Generoso Giangregorio
Impact of sea surface temperature on GNSS-R observations over mesoscale ocean eddies; preliminary results from CYGNSS Mostafa Hoseini
Analyses of the Anomalous Artefacts in TDS-1 Delay Doppler Maps Changjiang Hu
Processing of Raw GNSS Reflectometry Data from TDS-1 in a Backscattering Configuration Lucinda King
Development of Standards for GNSS-Reflectometry Maria Paola Clarizia
P2 - Land  
Soil moisture estimation using CYGNSS constellation Mehrez Zribi
GNSS-based remote sensing: Innovative observation of key hydrological parameters in the Central Andes Nikolaos Antonoglou
Developing and validating forward models of CYGNSS delay-Doppler maps for soil moisture applications James Campbell
Forward and inverse modeling of SNR-based GNSS reflectometry for soil moisture retrieval in Luxembourg and South Africa Sajad Tabibi
A machine learning aided method for GNSS-R performance analysis Patrizia Savi
An initial evaluation of the TechDemoSat-1 potentialities for freeze-thaw monitoring via GNSS-Reflectometry Nazzareno Pierdicca
An Experimental Assessment of Rough Topography on Spaceborne Delay Doppler Maps Hugo Carreno-Luengo
P3 - Sea Surface Altimetry
Investigating the Altimetric Sensitivity of Grazing Elevation Data - A Case Study at Kongsfjorden, Svalbard Maximilian Semmling
Assessing Spaceborne GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry Precision using CYGNSS Data Weiqiang Li
P4 - Cryosphere
Sea ice detection using GNSS-R data from TechDemoSat-1 Jessica Cartwright
GNSS Reflectometry for Sea Ice Detection Using Differential Delay Waveform from UK TechDemoSat-1 Data Kegen Yu
P5 - Modelling and Signal Processing
Comparison of BPSK and BOC Modulations in GNSS Reflectometry Jyh-Ching Juang
Advanced GNSS-R signals processing with GPUs Oriol Cervello
Iterative regularization methods for NCRS field reconstruction from GNSS-R measurements Matteo Alparone
Ionospheric Effects in GNSS-R: Impact and Model Limitations Adriano Camps
A direct approach to calculate quantitative dielectric constant for GNSS-R Junchan Lee
Recent advances and prospects in spaceborne GNSS-R: Can machine learning help in data modeling and analysis? Milad Asgarimehr
A new technique to quantify the dominant sources of error in GNSS-R sea level measurements David Purnell
Simulation of spaceborne GNSS-R delay-Doppler Maps of the sea surface with ship targets Alessio Di Simone
Non-uniform Delay-Doppler Mappings and its application in wind speed retrieval Junming Xia
P6 - Calibration and Validation
Humidity Observation by Reflectometer Technique for Agriculture (HORTA): Monitoring Soil Moisture with CubeSats Giorgio Rossi
Impact of specular point inaccuracies on satellite GNSS Reflectometry observables over the ocean Giuseppe Grieco
On the Use of SMAP-Reflections to Enhance the Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters  Nereida Rodriguez-Alvarez
P7 - Ground Airborne Experiments
Experimental evidences of satellite cross-talk in interferometric GNSS-R during the first field campaign of the Microwave Interferometric Reflectometer Raul Onrubia
A GNSS-R multirotor UAV platform for soil moisture detection and altimetry Georges Stienne
P8 - Instrument Technology
Real-time reconfigurable GNSS-R for space applications Junchan Lee
Deployable L-Band Helix Antenna for a GNSS-R Receiver onboard a 1U CubeSat Lara Fernandez Capon
Open-source hardware options for SNR-based GPS/GNSS reflectometry  Proof-of-concept and initial validation Manuella Fagundes
Towards a vertical sensor array for sub-hourly sea level retrieval in SNR-based GNSS reflectometry Felipe Nievinski
Day 1 - 17:50-18:30
A generic simulator of spaceborne GNSS-R for land applications Hyuk Park
Simulation of GNSS+R scenarios with the open-source wavpy Fran Fabra
Day 2 - 16:40-17:30
The Soil And Vegetation Reflectometry Simulator (SAVERS) Nazzareno Pierdicca
Real-time Radio Frequency Interference Detection and Mitigation with the Front-End GNSS Interference eXcisor (FENIX) Adrian Perez
Implementation of a testbed for GNSS-R payload performance evaluation Adrian Perez