Specialist Meeting on Reflectometry using GNSS and other Signals of Opportunity



"... Nothing in Italy is more ancient than Benevento, that according to the local legends it was founded or from Diomede or from Ausone, a child of Ulisse and Circe. It was without doubt an ancient city ausonica, founded long time before the conquest sannita of this part of Italy. Also nevertheless it is as of a city of the Sannitis that for first we feel to speak of it, and it is then such a mighty fortitude that as in the first and in the second war Sannita, Rome doesn't dare to attach her. In the third war sannitica fell in its hands... "

Edward Hutton, Naples and Campania Revisited, 1958


Benevento is a historic town in the region of Campania, 50 km inland from Naples. It was a base for Roman expansion in southern Italy and an important stop on the Appian Way, the ancient Roman road connecting the west and east coasts. After being sacked in 452, Benevento was ruled by the Lombards (or Longobards) and Byzantines, and finally by the Pope who ruled the town for 800 years.
Benevento, in a beautiful setting in the hills, is a pleasant place to visit, a good break from the heavily touristed areas near Naples and the Amalfi Coast and a chance to experience the feel of a southern Italian town. There's a wide pedestrian street with cafes where you can sit outside, several Roman monuments, churches, a sculpture garden, and a good theater with cultural events.
Visiting Benevento is like a journey through history: the prehistoric and the Egyptian finds at the Museum of Sannio, Traiano’s Arch and the Roman theatre, the Dome and the Chiesa di Santa Sofia of Longobardian times, the undergrounds of the Prefectural Palace that host ARCOS, the contemporary art museum.


Panoramic view of Benevento from the mount Pentime, and of its central location in South Italy as a starting point to visit Naples and its islands (Capri, Ischia, Procida) and surrounds (Pompei, Ercolano, Vesuvio), Matera (the European capital of the culture, 2019), Salerno and its coast (Amalfi, Positano, Sorrento).

Visits and cultural events will be organized under the patronage of the Benevento local administration. Details will be delivered in advance and at the workshop.
A selection of things to do and place to visit in Benevento is listed HERE.